The Ranch

Rancho Buenaventura is an agave ranch, used to produce Mezcal (the original form or tequila). The 150-acre Rancho is the largest working mezcal ranch south of Nochixtan Mexico, and little has changed since the Ranch was founded in 1913. Rows of over 90,000 espadin agave yield their bounty on fertile acreage within majestic valley. Vast stretches of Ranch land remain in their natural state, serving as one of the few living links to an era of prestigious Oaxajenos.

The ranch is located in Oaxaca, Mexico off the super highway at marker 189 (approximately 10 minutes south of the City of Nochixtlan) and 35 minutes North of the City of Oaxaca.

The award-winning Sacacuento Mezcal is produced from Rancho Buenaventura and tours and mezcal tastings are available for the public.

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